36 year old busy-as-heck father of FIVE and In-Demand Kettlebell Instructor reveals the little known SECRET to training less while getting better results…

Get Ripped and Stronger...

...Using ONLY a Single Kettlebell and a Secret Training Technique That 99% Of Trainers Know NOTHING About...

...So that You Can Finally Chisel the Lean, Sexy, Ripped, Athletic Physique that You've Failed to Get With All Other Workouts

Have you ever been so frustrated with your current gym exercise program that you've wanted to quit?

Have you ever felt like you've been training so hard, all the time, that you're just spinning your wheels chasing results that aren't coming fast enough?

With your busy lifestyle, can you afford to spend that much time that "the experts" say you need to spend in the gym to get the results you want?

Listen, as a husband, father of 5 and business owner my time is so precious that if I ever feel like it's being wasted, I immediately reevaluate what I'm doing and ask myself if it's really worth it.

That's exactly how I felt a few years ago when I was taking time away from my family and going to the gym everyday - for at least 2 hours every time - chasing after the physique that I had back in college when I used to play sports.

But, being a little older and A LOT busier, the results weren't coming fast enough for my liking.

PLUS, with my wife pregnant with our 5th child, I started to feel guilty that I was taking all this time away from my family, selfishly, trying to keep myself in shape.

The problem was, I wasn't in shape...at least not by my standards or the standards that have been set by the industry that I chose to make a living in.

You see, I am a personal trainer.


And no matter what anyone tells you, it doesn't matter what degrees or certifications you have, it doesn't matter what celebrities you've trained and it doesn't matter what kind of results you've gotten for other people...

Nobody is going to train with you if you're FAT or OUT OF SHAPE. That's the harsh reality of the world we live in...

It's kind of like me telling my kids to eat their vegetables because it's good for them while I'm stuffing my face with fries and donuts.

I can't tell my clients to listen to me if I don't walk the talk.

The problem wasn't that I was doing enough - I was spending 10 hours per week in the gym training myself, after all - the problem was that I was doing TOO MUCH.

The problem was that I was doing too many exercises, for too many repetitions, too many times during the week.

Like me back then, you probably think that more is better.

BUT, the TRUTH IS THAT to go beyond your current level of fat loss, you MUST forget about common and popular "go until you puke" training methods and workouts and use a smarter, more efficient and simpler way to get the body you deserve.

Sure, you can train like that when you're 20; when you have ZERO life responsibility; when your body can take the pounding and; when you have all the time in the world.

But now that you're living "real life" - you've got responsibilities outside of yourself, and you can't afford to be physically out of commission because you injured yourself trying to do 200 reps of a given exercise - training intensely hard 5 times per week just doesn't work anymore.

And it wasn't until I figured out how to secretly MAXIMIZE my training results by doing less that I not only started to lose a ton of fat, BUT I started to get stronger and more athletic too.

The secret to losing all those inches around my belly and still getting stronger wasn't in any exercise or training gadget - it actually involved me doing LESS.

The secret isn't some ridiculous calorie-restrictive diet either - I actually didn't change ANYTHING about the way I ate...In fact, I ate whatever I wanted.

The secret was in a technique that I learned as I started taking my kettle bell training more seriously.

It's a secret that only elite athletes and strength practitioners know how to master and a secret that - now that I'm really starting to understand it - I'll share with anyone who will listen.

...And when you're done reading this entire letter word-for-word, you're going to understand how to skyrocket your fat loss training to the next level, learn how to EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT and leave your friends and family wondering who you sold your soul to because you'll look like you belong on the cover of a magazine!

It all started when I saw myself that one afternoon after taking a shower and I realized that I didn't look like an athlete anymore.

But with the workouts I was doing, I just kept on pushing myself harder and harder.

And I kept on getting softer and weaker.

So I pushed myself more.

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."-Albert Einsten

It wasn't until I hurt my shoulder - an injury that flared up again after playing years of competitive baseball & varsity volleyball - that I had to force myself to tone things down and really take a look at what I was doing.

I thought about what I knew about training and what I knew about how elite athletes trained for competition.

Then the truth dawned on me.

These are some of the leanest and fittest people on the planet and I can guarantee you that they didn't get that way by training with 110% intensity everyday of the week.

"Whoa", you may be thinking, "Are you saying that Olympic Athletes don't train hard?"

Actually, NO.

What I am saying though is that you don't get the shredded body of an athlete by pounding yourself into the ground to the point of throwing up like you see those trainers on Reality TV doing to their obese victims.

Instead, World Class athletes know the secret to achieving a world class body WITHOUT even training specifically for it - And TODAY, YOU are going to learn that secret and use it to YOUR advantage.

Athletes don't train to look good.

No way.

Instead, they train to perform. They train to excel at their event. They train to win gold medals.

Looking good is the BI-PRODUCT of their training, but it's not their end goal.

And they do this by using the Advanced Fat Loss Secret that you won't find in any run-of-the-mill infomercial DVD set, or mediocre eBook on the internet.


Because this method - what I call the MxT Method of Training - is ridiculously simple that only trainers and strength coaches who have been around the block a few times know how to use it in their programming...

Hi, My name is Chris Lopez

and as a personal trainer, strength coach and kettle bell instructor (RKC Level 2, SFG Level 2) I've dedicated over 15 years of my life helping busy, frustrated men & women just like you get in shape and drop ugly body fat with minimal time commitment.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Human Kinetics, I'm a Certified Turbulence Trainer (CTT) and I'm a Level 2 StrongFirst* Girya (SFG2)...the ONLY one in Eastern Canada.

I have been featured on National Television and have had my articles and programs printed in some of the most recognized publications in the world.

In addition to running 2 fitness businesses, I'm also a husband and father of 5 (yes, I said 5) awesome children - 4 girls and a boy - all with the same woman (because you have to say that these days).

So please believe me when I say I know how to maximize your time so that you're NOT spending your life in the gym.

My family is the most important thing in my life, and so having to spend hours every week at stinky, "meet" market commercial gym just to keep myself in shape is simply NOT AN OPTION in my busy life. (I honestly feel dirty just thinking about it)

Instead - using the MxT Method of training - I've managed to stay fit and in single-digit-body-fat year round by training at home using just a single kettle bell and my own body weight.

OK, so back to world class athletes.

Let's take a look at another sport that involves a high level of athleticism and skill...gymnastics.

Male gymnasts are some of the leanest, fittest athletes on the planet. Were they born with abs that you can wash your laundry on and arms that can...?

Absolutely not.

What they do to get ripped and balanced physiques doesn't involve them training twice per week and swinging on a set of rings for hours at a time until their arms fell off.

(Doesn't that sound like what most people think they should do at a gym - go in and work as hard as they can and then not go back until the soreness in their bodies goes away a few days after?)

That's called "working out" and that's NOT something you should do on a regular basis if you want to get rid of fat and KEEP IT OFF for the rest of your life.

Let me say that again in simpler terms.STOP WORKING OUT!

PRACTICE, don't "work out"

Instead, gymnasts practice as often as they can to get exceptional at the skill and technique involved with gymnastics.

Then, their bodies adapt to their training by dropping body fat and building muscle and they become better at handling their body weight as resistance.

Read that again please...

"... their bodies adapt to their training by dropping body fat AND building lean muscle and they become better at handling their body weight as resistance"

Ballet dancers are the same way - both male and female.

They go in almost everyday and practice leaps and carries BUT never will they perform 759 reps of jumps in a single rehearsal and think that they'll get better.

They NEVER train to failure.

They NEVER train to induce vomiting.

They NEVER train to chase numbers.

They have ripped abs and are, pound-for-pound, the strongest athletes in the world - gymnasts and dancers alike.

They have bodies like these because...

1. They PRACTICE on a regular basis.
2. They NEVER train to muscular failure and
3. They secretly use the MxT Method - The Secret to Advanced Fat Loss

...And mastering the MxT method is a simple process that you just need to practice and learn.

Once you learn the MxT Method -The Secret to Advanced Fat Loss - you can take the simplest of exercises, and turn them into an incinerating, metabolically demanding challenge that will have you burning fat all day long.

Once you learn the MxT Method - The Secret to Advanced Fat Loss - you can take the simplest of exercises, and turn them into an incinerating, metabolically demanding challenge that will have you burning fat all day long.

But first, let's understand that I'm not talking about having you do some type of brutal "Workout Of The Day" where you have no idea what the end goal is other than making you puke.

The type of training I'm talking about does not involve using variety to "keep your muscles guessing".

And I'm NOT down with having you do endless reps where you can't see the end of the workout in sight.

You can't "chase reps" because it simply doesn't work for long term fat loss.

You can't work out longer, increasing cortisol - the stress hormone that makes you fat.

And you shouldn't train "balls to wall" all the time and expect to get leaner because you'll release free radicals (cancer inducing compounds that make you weaker) into your blood stream.

Now this DOES NOT mean that I'm giving you carte Blanche to take it easy.

This doesn't mean that you don't work hard.

You just have to be smart about it and use a plan that strategically incorporates The Secret MxT Method with a logical and proven form of resistance.

And that's where the Kettlebell comes in.

By using the MxT Method of training, you can now apply THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO ADVANCED FAT LOSS to the most versatile (and cost effective) home gym available in the world today - a kettle bell.

Why Use a Kettlebell? Why Not a Barbell or a Dumbbell?

In the StrongFirst School of Strength we practice something called HardStyle. Hardstyle is the way to use a kettle bell that best mimics natural human movement and athleticism.

Hardstyle Kettlebell Training, emphasizes the use of high acceleration (Power) in our ballistic lifts - like swings and snatches - and high tension in our grinding lifts - like the press.

In fact, a recent study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that peak and mean power generated by having a subject use the HardStyle kettle bell swing was greater than the power generated by using the grand-daddy of all barbell exercises - the back squat.

In other words, swinging a kettle bell PROVED to be better for increasing someone's ability to generate power - jumping, sprinting - that performing a barbell back squat.

Another informal study by fellow RKC/SFG Instructor Brandon Hetzler found that when measured on a force plate - a fancy platform that measures how much strength is generated when someone is standing on it doing an exercise - an athlete using a 24kg kettle bell produced 500lbs of force on the eccentric phase of the swing.

Both findings above show that training with kettle bells is not only convenient because of their compactness, portability and minimalist design, BUT ALSO that they are more than just an "alternative" way to get in shape...KETTLEBELLS are actually better than training with dumbbells or barbells.

Looking deeper into Kettlebell Training, you'll see that ketllebells are used by some of the most elite human beings in the world - the military's Special Forces - which requires them to snatch 24kg kettle bell 200 times within a 10 minute period.

A test and feat of both incredible strength AND endurance.

By learning how to apply The MxT Method to kettle bell training, you can take your fat loss to Advanced Levels and get the body of an athlete...

WITHOUT having to dedicate your entire existence to the pursuit of a sport.

In fact, if you adopt the PRACTICE, don't "work out" ideal that I'll teach you, you'll be able to burn fat faster and easier than you ever thought possible...

...Just like an athlete.

"But hold on, Chris, I'm in pretty good shape. I can do 20 push-ups"

The problem with "conventional" fat loss programs is that they're all about chasing reps.

They force you to do countless reps over and over again so that you're chasing a burn.

But this only means that you'll be able to do more reps further pushing your ability to tolerate "the burn".

Simply put, "chasing reps" - trying to do more and more, over and over again - has NOTHING to do with THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO ADVANCED FAT LOSS.

Let me show you what I mean...

Drop down to the floor and do those 20 push-ups, BUT...

-Pull your knee caps up into your hips by contracting your thigh muscles as tight as you can, then

-Squeeze your butt cheeks together like you're trying to hold onto a $100 bill, then

-Brace your abs so hard as if you're about to get punched in the gut by a prized-MMA fighter, then

-Flare your lats (the muscles behind your arm pits) like you're trying to sprout wings

And finally...

-Take a deep breathe in and push it down deep into your core and push your tongue to the roof of your mouth and seep air in and out - like your tongue is the valve on an inflated tire

...NOW do your push-ups...BUT think about gripping the floor and pulling yourself towards it and then, instead of just "pushing up", think about pushing the floor away from your body.

"Hiss" bits of air in and out, but DO NOT fully let go of that very first breathe until you've completed your set.

...AND Make sure that every rep looks perfect, exactly like your first rep.

Were you able to get 20?

If you were, was it easy?

Did you feel every muscle in your body "light up" while you were doing it?

That's just a small glimpse of applying The MxT Method to an exercise as simple as a push-up.

You're using nerve force - TENSION - to light up muscles that you probably didn't even know could be used in doing a push-up.

The more muscle you use, the more metabolically demanding the exercise becomes.

The more metabolically demanding an exercise, the more fat it will burn.

MxT = The Single Most Important Factor =

Even a simple exercise like a push-up is turned into fat incinerating feat if you apply the tools that I will teach you.

That's the difference between using The MxT Method of training and just chasing reps for the sake of getting a number.

Big deal you can do 20 push-ups or even 10 chin-ups.

The question is...

Are you doing those exercises correctly and in
such a way that you are inducing the absolute best
fat burning response possible?

Are you doing those exercises the same way athletes would PRACTICE them?

That is...Are you doing them perfectly, using the MxT method and never, EVER training to failure?

The PROBLEM With Most Fat Loss Programs...

Have you ever bought a program, dove into it, got your butt handed to you and - maybe - even lost some weight only to stop a few weeks later because the time commitment was too great?

After all, training 6-days-per-week and sweating your butt off would cause anyone to lose weight...up to a certain point.

Then, what happens a few weeks after?

Usually a combination of THREE Things Happen...

1. You quit because the workouts took up too much time. 2. You try to keep going and get more and more frustrated and angry because your fat loss has come to a grinding halt. 3. Because of the high frequency and volume of repetitions involved in these types of workout, YOU GET INJURED - and that COMPLETELY stalls your fat loss progress.

You were putting in the same effort, but for little to NO RETURN whatsoever.

There you are spinning your wheels again.

The truth is that 99% of fat loss programs like the one I mentioned above DO NOT WORK because they fail to address the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in determining whether you remain feeling frustrated, defeated and downright angry OR if you finally - once and for all - drop that spill-over-your-belt gut...

But let's get back to that and talk about another harsh reality and ADVANCED FAT LOSS tactic that athletes share and that leaves the general public in-the-dark, jealous and resentful.

Do you someone - a friend or colleague maybe - that is in absolutely great shape so much so that you've, at times, felt kind of envious?


I'm talking about the guy who - in your eyes - must be genetically blessed because nobody could be that ripped naturally and not "be on something"?

This is the same guy that has pictures of himself on Facebook going to restaurants, taking pictures of his meals and he's eating burgers and wings and having desserts like cheesecake.

Here's the another Advanced Fat Loss Truth about guys like this - and athletes - ...

They can eat WHATEVER they want and not get fat.

I know a guy like that - but I wouldn't call him my friend because I've been jealous of him since high school.

I used to say that it was just genetics - that he was born that way. That he was blessed with 6-pack-abs and they just became more defined the more pizza he hate.

I hated that guy.

Until...I found out what his secret was.

You see, not only was he unknowingly using The MxT Method in his workouts automatically causing his body to possess The Single Most Important Factor.


MxT = The Single Most Important Factor =

...But, he was also doing something with the way he eats that only athletes seem to know about as well.

Something that I call, the Macro-Rhythm.

You see, using the Macro-Rhythm is a way of eating that allows you to literally eat WHATEVER YOU WANT at certain times of the day and on specific days of the week.

This is an incredible way of eating because you don't have to make separate meals for yourself while your family is eating a delicious pasta dinner...and you're stuck eating just a salad.

You don't have to deprive yourself of the home-cooked meal that you or your spouse made for the family because of some insane, calorie deprivation diet.

Your kids won't be influenced by the thinking that you have to starve yourself - an unhealthy and mentally damaging picture for kids, and a picture that I will NEVER let my kids see - in order to get lean and fit.

After all, we want our kids to grow up having a GOOD relationship with food and that all stems from how Mom and Dad set the example.

You won't have to worry about that with this way of eating.

The Macro-Rhythm Eating Style is your answer to stress free eating.

It's the reason why you see your ripped and in-shape friend on Facebook (remember the guy that never seems to get fat but still eats cheesecake?) chowing down on his favourite foods.

The guy you resent.

Well, now you can be THAT GUY

Imagine going out to a restaurant with your buddies and ordering a plate of wings for yourself, inhaling it like a college-kid-after-smoking-something-illegal, and not gaining a single ounce of fat afterward.

Now don't get me wrong because I'm NOT saying that you will get ripped and put on slabs of muscle eating cheeseburgers whenever you want.

What I am saying though, is that Macro-Rhythm Eating will allow you enjoy foods so that you don't feel restricted...so that you can stick to your training and eating schedule and NOT fall off the wagon.

The Macro-Rhythm Style of eating will allow you to do all that, but...

You MUST combine it with using The Single Most Important Factor To Advanced Fat Loss in your training to get MAXIMUM RESULTS AND ADVANCED FAT LOSS...

Macro-Rhythm Style of Eating + HardStyle Kettlebell Training +The Single Most Important Factor = ADVANCED FAT LOSS

So what is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to Advanced Fat Loss?


STRENGTH is a skill.

That's right, STRENGTH is a skill that needs to be practiced and it's probably the limiting factor that is preventing you from having the body of an athlete.

STRENGTH is the hidden key that every hotshot trainer on TV and phony infomercial program does not incorporate into their training.

"50-Year Old Teacher Loses 30lbs, down to 13% Bodyfat"

"All of a sudden, I could do pull-ups..."

"All of a sudden, I could do pull-ups..."

Why? Because it's IMPOSSIBLE to get stronger training at 110% intensity Every-Single-Day.

In the same way that you have to use a Macro-Rhythm Style of eating to burn fat, you have to use a similar type of rhythm in your kettle bell practice to get STRONG.

And the cutting edge way to getting stronger is so simple that it's not glamorous and has no sex appeal.

It's a truth in the fitness industry that everyone forgets about.

"Alright Chris, you've got my attention. But how can I get an athlete's body if I don't have the time to practice strength everyday?..."

Well, even though you don't have "the time" - remember I know what you mean, I've got 5 kids - you can still get an athlete's body in a fraction of the time with a properly designed fat loss program that emphasizes being STRONGFirst...

What you need is a program routed in athletic training
principles - STRENGTH - but designed specifically for ADVANCED FAT LOSS.


The Complete Kettlebell EVOLUTION Advanced Fat Loss System.
Component #1
Kettlebell Evolution Advanced
Fat Loss Manual

This is your go-to guide to using the kettle bell for Advanced Fat Loss. Learn the MxT Method, understand why simple is better and read about how to utilize this program to its maximum fat burning potential.

$49 Value
Component #2
Kettlebell Evolution
Follow-Along Videos

Now you can follow-along with the training sessions in the comfort of your own home. Watch and do the videos with me on your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod (or on any smartphone) and never miss a set or rep.

$49 Value
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Kettlebell Evolution Video Exercise Library

For more intricate descriptions of the exercises you'll be doing and to "tighten up" your form, you'll get access to the Exercise Video Library where I'll take you through any and all of the little nuances and details of each exercise so you can maximize the fat burning effect of each one.

$39 Value
Component #4
Kettlebell Evolution Training & Transformation Journal

This is the Ultimate Tool to your body transformation. This comprehensive journal will outline exactly what you should be doing - Day-by-Day - so that you stay on track with your goals and never miss a step. You'll chart your progress, track your training sessions and make sure you stay on-course with your Macro-Rhythm eating.

$27 Value
Component #5
Macro-Rhythm Eating Manual

They say that "You Can't Out-Train a Donut", and so this is your guide to the style of eating that bests suits your lifestyle. If you followed this manual alone, you'd drop fat like melted butter.

$49 Value
Component #6
Kettlebell Evolution Quick Start
Guide MP3 Audio

Don't miss a step and get started with your Kettlebell Evolution right away. Just download the Quick Start MP3 to your iPhone or MP3 player and get all your immediate questions answered.

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Get the complete Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss SystemFor a Single Secure Payment of ONLY
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If you were to hire me as your trainer for 12 Weeks to transform your body the way The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Program can and has for many of my one-on-one clients, it would cost you over $5000 at my current rate of $150/hr.

That doesn't even include your flight costs to get to Toronto (where I live and work), your accommodations, all the Organic food and groceries you'd have to buy and the other living costs.

When you add it all up, you'd be spending more that $10,000 to achieve the results by using the techniques in The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System.

If you add up the cost of the manuals and videos above, the complete face value of The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System is over $230 - a fraction of what you'd have to pay if you hired me one-on-one.

But my mission is to show as many people as I can that the kettle bell is an incredibly powerful tool for achieving an athletic looking physique that not only looks great, but performs as well.

And I'm so motivated to get this program in your hands, that I don't want you to pay anywhere near it's $230 value.

In fact, I'd like to sweeten the pot even more and make this a no-brain-er for you...

There's More Good News!

You'll also get these exclusive bonuses when you order
The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System today...

I really want to make sure that you're getting the best value, and I want to make sure that you master all the techniques and exercises involved with Hardstyle Kettlebell Training. So I'm including these exclusive bonuses to ensure that you achieve success.

Here is the ESSENTIAL Bonus Package You'll Receive

Bonus #1

Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Manual

In the HardStyle Kettlebell world, we preach safety as part of our training. Making sure that you've got perfect form on your lifts is essential to mastering MxT. With the HardStyle Essentials Manual, you'll have a step-by-step guide to all 6 of the core kettle bell exercises. Tighten up your form, maximize your results!

$39 Value

Bonus #2

Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Video Guide

Some people are both visual & auditory learners and with the accompanying video guide to the Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials manual you'll be able to get even more cues and tricks to make the form on your kettle bell exercises perfect allowing you to maximize strength and power for full fat burning potential.

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Bonus #3

Accelerated 10-Minute Kettlebell Training Plug-In

Don't have time to get your regular sessions in? Use this Plug-In Workout Manual to replace those days that you really just don't have the time. Each session in the manual is designed as a legit substitute for your Advanced Fat Loss training sessions, but you'll be done in 10-minutes or less.

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Bonus #4

The Essential Ab Guide

I hate the word "core". But truth be told, having a strong mid-section is the "core" of your performance. With the Essential Ab Training Guide, you'll get an everyday ab program that will ensure that your entire body can withstand any type of training. Having a strong set of abs will take your strength and fat loss training to the next level.

$49 Value

I really want to make sure that you're getting the best value, and I want to make sure that you master all the techniques and exercises involved with Hardstyle Kettlebell Training. So I'm including these exclusive bonuses to ensure that you achieve success.

As you can see, if you were to add up the entire bonus package, it's total value is $176. But I KNOW that having these bonuses will accelerate your results beyond measure, so I'm just going to give them to you.

If you add the value of the ESSENTIALS Bonus Package ($176) with the value of The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System ($232) you'll get a total value of over $400 ($408 to be exact)!

Now because I know your body transformation using The Kettlebell Evolution System is so crucial not only for you but the thousands of others that you'll inspire, I have decided to offer the Entire System and the ESSENTIAL Bonuses for only a fraction of what it's worth.

The regular discounted price of the Complete Package and Bonuses sells for $97, that's 76% OFF the total $408 value.

But, for a limited time only, you can get the complete Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System for only $47!!!

Get the complete Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss SystemFor a Single Secure Payment of ONLY
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The 60-Day-Iron-Kettlebell-Solid-Guarantee

People will abuse this generous guarantee. It's inevitable.

But it's worth it for me to be able to get this program in your hands - and into the hands of all the other honest folks that believe in the power of the kettle bell.

So Here's The Straight Up Truth...

If you have access and the resources ($$$) to work with a trainer that is able to get both athletes and average folks like you and me the results that they desire, then you should work with that person.

In my experience though, most trainers just put you through a "workout" and make you "feel" like you've done something. There aren't many trainers that can actually DESIGN A PROGRAM - with logical progression and systemic days of varying intensity and effort - that will not only deliver results but that will make you healthier in the process.

This is different...this will not only allow you to achieve your fat loss goals, but will make you stronger and more athletic...and it gives you the ability to do so in the comfort of your own home - using just a single kettle bell and your body weight.

It's about time you cut through the fluff and lies that the mass market fitness industry feeds you.

Take control of your results (and your life) and start using your kettle bell (and your body) to its maximum potential TODAY.

Yours in Truth, Health & Strength,

Chris Lopez, CSCS, SFG2, RKC2, CTT
BSc HK, University of Guelph
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
SFG Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor
RKC Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Author, The Kettlebell Evolution

P.S. Anything ever worth achieving has involved hard work, dedication and action! Take action on this offer now and never be underwhelmed or disappointed with your training program again.

P.P.S. Remember, you have 60-Days to test and see if the Kettlebell Evolution System works for you. Put my system to the test knowing there's no way you can lose with my 60-Day-Solid-As-Kettlebell-Iron Guarantee...

Get the complete Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss SystemFor a Single Secure Payment of ONLY
$97    $47!!

Got a question? I've got the answer....

Q: What happens if I have questions about the TT Kettlebell Evolution?
A: "Off The Chain Customer Service"
Need help with ordering, getting the program on your iPad or figuring out where to start? Our customer service team will go the extra mile to help.
Q: Will the TT Kettlebell Evolution work on my tablet or smartphone?
A: Mobile & Tablet Ready
The TT Kettlebell Evolution delivery system allows you to open your online package - the manuals, MP3s AND videos - from your PC or Mac, your tablet (like your iPad) and on your smart phone. Just make sure you've got the latest version of the operating system and you're good to go.
Q: What equipment do I need for the workouts?
A: The TT Kettlebell Evolution was designed to be used with a single kettle bell. Would it help to have various sizes of kettle bells to choose from? Sure. But it's not necessary. You'll need your kettle bell and your body weight. That's it. No pull-up bar, no free weights, no cardio machines. Remember...LESS is MORE.
Q: I'm a beginner. Will I be able to do the workouts?
A: Absolutely. Remember, one of the major principles behind Hardstyle Kettlebell Training is your ability to do things safely and with proper form. That's why I've included the Hardstyle Essentials Manual and Videos in the Bonus Package. Go through that material first and practice the drills and you'll have the foundation to take on the TT Kettlebell Evolution and every other kettle bell program that I give you.
Q: What if it doesn't work for me or I decide that I don't like the program?
A: I stand behind the TT Kettlebell Evolution 100% and am confident it will work for you because it has for so many others. Therefore, if you're not satisfied within the 60 days of purchasing the program, simply contact our customer service team and we will refund your payment, no questions asked.
Q: Can I do the TT Kettlebell Evolution more than once?
A: Absolutely. Once you've completed one cycle of the program you'll have gotten stronger and fitter and you'd likely be ready for a heavier kettle bell. This will make the program more advanced as you'll have to learn new patterns and recruit new muscles to help you accommodate the heavier weight.
Q: I am a complete kettle bell beginner. Can I still use the TT Kettlebell Evolution?
A: Yes. It's best to really study the Hardstyle Essentials Manual & Videos and become confident with your form. Once you've established that foundation, you've laid the groundwork to challenge yourself with the Kettlebell Evolution.
Q: I have over 50lbs to lose. Can I still use this program?
A: You can still use Kettlebell Evolution, but you may find it tough at first. But the program was designed to be used at your own pace - within the workouts themselves, not within the 12 week time frame - so you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.
Q: I have just under 10lbs to lose, will this program work for me?
A: This is who the program was created for! The TT Kettlebell Evolution was created for you to get rid of that last bit of fat plaguing you and get you the lean athletic look. Stick to the Macro-Rhythm and follow the workouts and you'll get there easily.
Q: It's always hard for me to stick to a program when it's an eBook or even a video. How is this program any different?
A: When you invest in the TT Kettlebell Evolution, you become part of a community. I really do care deeply about your success an am very active on the Kettlebell Inner Circle community Facebook page. I'll make sure you get the support you need to thrive on the program.
Q: I'm 64 years old, can this program work for me?
A: My longest running (and best performing client) is a 67-year-old grandmother of 10. She can do 10 full nose-to-the-ground push-ups, swings a 16kg kettle bell and can bottoms-up press an 8kg kettle bell. The same techniques that I use to train her are incorporated into this program, so yes, the TT Kettlebell Evolution will work for you.
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